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Free Web Portal on Environment, Forestry and Wood Science

Hungary – Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013

Project title: Free Web Portal on Environment, Forestry and Wood Science


Project code: HUSK/1001/2.5.2/0025

Maximum community contribution awarded: 159,012.89 EUR

Total project budget: 196,920.00 EUR

Project starting date: 1-May-2012

Project end date: 31-April-2014

Project partners involved: NymE-ERFARET Non-profit Ltd (Lead partner), Centre for the Development of Wood Processing, Furniture, Pulp and Paper Industry (Project Partner 1)

The aim of this cross-border co-operation is to develop and operate a bilingual web portal accessible free of charge for anyone. It will provide a professional database of environment protection, nature protection, forestry and wood industry created for the use of determined target groups. It will also provide a scientific basis for decision makers. After the project implementation phase the Hungarian Lead Partner will maintain it for an unlimited time.

A definite long term objective of the project is to turn the database to the main source for experts and (political and public) decision-makers in the field of environmental management, forestry and wood industry.

The novelty of the project is that it makes the scientific publications – geographically and thematically sparsely allocated – available for everyone supported by suitable IT environment. Although the method of making such database is well known, however such digital scientific database was created neither in Hungary nor in Slovakia. The content to be created in this project should be considered as a basis that can be developed further on. The database for scientists and politicians will open a new perspective in problem solving especially in the environment protection.

This project has strong connections to the environmental problems, events and researches. These affect the critical points of environment protection of the border region and the problem of cross-border pollution of environment. These items effect – in some cases determine – the everyday life of people living in the region. Also the effect of an important economical branch of the region (forestry and wood industry) is a dominant factor on the environmental situation. Therefore the web portal (database) is extraordinarily suitable not only to strengthen the mutual environmental social cohesion but the common handling of certain challenges.

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